Black Label Design is a North-West UK based media and graphic team with over 9 years of experience in most fields of media, production, events and advertising. The mission is to support all creative arts and businesses in all forms from music & modelling to websites & events, ensuring that you the client receive the highest standard and professionalism which ensures a valid product. All designs are 100% and completely catered to you the client and your needs.

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The media and design community is a hard and competitive industry with so many options, companies and freelancers to choose from why are Black Label’s services any different? … Well in all honesty you will receive the same approach and professionalism you would receive from a fully functional company but without the corporate overheads which will push the design/production fee to its max, you will also receive the full flexibility of a freelancer but with complete reliability and excellent service at a competitive rate.

So Black Label Design is here to offer you excellent services and prices that are not there to rip you off (IE: no hidden extras… ever) And production of your work will be met by a joint deadline decision between us both. We boast a 3 working day turnaround for an initial design on all of our projects.

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To save you the time of shopping around Google for hours on end why not stick around here a little longer and scope out what we can do.

Looking for some media to show off your work and you want someone reliable, easy to talk to and prepared to offer you the best service? Well you have come to the right place because it’s not just for you it also stands for all future work for us, so we constantly offer are all in every project we take on board.

If you want to hire Black Label for any project work then we would be more than happy to offer our friendly and informative service to you, feel free to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours max.