An e-commerce site is basically an on-line shop, designed to catalogue and sell your products, collect customer details and carry out transactions on-line. An e-commerce website can anything from a small designer boutique to a large on-line booking system, and with a more positive consumer attitude to on-line shopping, it has never been a better time to sell on-line.

We design e-commerce websites that they are easy to maintain and cost effective, delivering e-commerce systems that are easy to use with intuitive navigation. Our e-commerce systems are developed with industry leading technology, security and content management tailored to suit your market and product catalogue.
E Commerce Design & Optimisation

Identifying the correct e-commerce solution for your business can be a challenge. In addition to looking professional and engaging, your site needs to be secure and robust giving your users confidence and trust to make purchases on-line.

We help identify the system specification required to successfully sell your products on the web. We analyse your sales processes and the profile of your target customer. By experimenting with potential user scenarios, we identify the characteristics of your users, their needs and reasons for visiting your website. The key to an efficient and useful website is ensuring that the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

A well structured e-commerce site will enrich the user experience with faster loading times, better access to content and products, and improve Search Engine visibility. Our e-commerce systems are built using the latest web standards and Accessibility guidelines, enabling your e-commerce site to achieve higher search engine positioning, increasing site exposure, driving more visitors to your on-line shop and increasing your sales. Working through navigational and usability issues, we design effective e-commerce systems that are easy to use, offer great conversion rates and are flexible, ensuring your website can grow with your business.

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